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Commercialization has been one of the main causes of professionalism in New Zealand footballmanagement. The presence of strategic planning Laremy Tunsil Dolphins Jersey , marketing strategies and human resource strategies in sport management leads to the improvements seen today in professional practice. Professionalism in sports has been facilitated by two main factors. The first factor is the growing number of programs of training and education for individuals who want to be sports managers. This can be seen in the increase in the number of programs and <"http:www.cfa.org.nz">football holiday programmes management worldwide.

The second factor is the academic study of sport management has initiated and carried out research aimed at the evaluation and analysis of management in sports organizations. Sport management has adopted strategies such as tighter financial controls, quality management and performance management. They have also embraced human resources strategies, to deal with personal and people skills in the execution of good generic managerial skills.
Professionalism in sports has helped sports organizations to provide considerable entertainment to their fans as well as provide a source of revenue for the owners and the players. According to New Zealand football professional sports are considered entertainment because it makes money. He suggested that there are three aspects of sport as an entertainment:

The unpredictability of the results in the competition is considered as an essential ingredient in Christchurch football clubsport entertainment. The level of excellence achieved by the players or athletes during the contests increases the value of entertainment during these competitions. This is one of the major reasons why professional sports are more entertaining than amateur sports. Sport management has devised strategies to ensure that their teams perform to expected levels of excellence by buying established or upcoming talents. In the English premier league, they have an elaborate scouting system to identify outstanding and upcoming talents from all over the world.

Although the Christchurch football club contest is usually the core of the event, there is usually some form of spectacle associated with it. For example, the spectacle in the Olympic Games is the opening and closing ceremonies, in football, rugby and basketball the spectacle is in the half –times shows.

Football holiday programmes offer an avenue through which people can meet not only for the contest or spectacle but for social purposes. This can be seen in various sports organizations where they have used strategies that encourage fan identity; this has been seen specifically in football, baseball, rugby and basketball. Sports leagues have been organized in many different ways, in line with the overall strategy of the sports industry and to complement sports organization participating in it. Team sports require the coordination of at least two different entities.

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