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What is female pattern hair loss?

Also known simply as FPHL Cheap Sergio Aguero Jersey , this female hair loss condition affects many women in middle age or older. This means that by the age of 50, approximately 40% of women will notice an increased amount of hair falling out. In any group of women aged 80 years, 55% will be suffering from significant scalp hair loss.

Thinning hair

Female pattern hair loss is often first noticed when the amount of hair falling out each day increases and this results in hair thinning all over the scalp.

The normal amount of hair shed in the course of a day is 50 – 100 hairs. Therefore Cheap Samir Nasri Jersey , women over 50 who experience a scalp hair loss of more than 100 hairs per day may be seeing the effects of FPHL.

What are the causes of 50+ female hair loss?

Scientists believe the causes of hair loss and alopecia in mature women may be linked to the genes we inherit from our parents. Most women with FPHL do not have a hormonal imbalance as the hair loss cause.

How long does it take for female hair loss to progress?

Most commonly, scalp hair loss happens after the menopause and progresses in ‘fits and starts’. A noticeable increase in hair loss may last for 3 – 6 months and then the amount of hair falling out may stabilize for between 6 – 18 months – until the hair growth and hair loss cycle begins again. Without the best hair loss treatment, female hair loss usually progresses towards alopecia (baldness).

Chemical treatments for hair loss

Female pattern hair loss cannot be cured. However Cheap Raheem Sterling Jersey , there are some very useful hair loss products on the market. By altering the balance of hormones produced in the body, they are able to prevent hair loss getting any worse, by slowing down or stopping the hair falling out.

Hormone blockers

Some treatments for hair loss in mature women are based on drugs that block the production of certain hormones. These can be taken as tablets and combined with a hormone solution which is massaged into the scalp.

Hormone blocking treatments need to be followed for at least 6 months before they can start preventing hair loss. Long term medication is usually necessary to continue preventing hair loss. No products for hair loss can guarantee to make hair grow faster or create thicker hair Cheap Phil Foden Jersey , but it has been clinically proved that some women do experience hair re-growth.

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