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patience and understanding with their ADHD child, teachers should also receive patience and understanding. A relationship built on the single goal of teaching the ADHD child benefits the child more than teachers and parents finger-pointing at each other over the educational process.Be Goal-Oriented: If you do have a conflict with the teacher, try to approach the problem in a positive light. The teacher might tell you that your child will not stay in his seat, pokes at other students or is heading straight for a detention. Instead of focusing on the immediate problem at hand http://www.cheapnfljerseysseahawks.com/sheldon-richardson/ , focus on action plans to modify the behavior.Homework Tips for Parents: Try these homework tips to ease the strain at home.- Establish a Set Homework Routine: Because the ADHD child functions best in a consistent environment, homework should be done in the same place, at the same time and for a set amount of time every day. - Clear the Clutter at Home: The child's work area should be free of distractions, such as televisions, video games http://www.cheapnfljerseysseahawks.com/michael-wilhoite/ , music and other people. - Mandatory Homework Time: Establishing a set amount of time to work on homework provides consistency while discouraging the child from rushing through homework. In general, elementary school children should spend about 30 minutes each night on homework. Middle school and high school students should spend about one hour on homework. If the child does not have homework that evening or they finish before the allotted time, the child can read until their mandatory homework time is over.- "Chunk" Tasks and Schedule Breaks: Long-range tasks are often difficult for the ADHD child. "Chunking" homework helps break the homework into smaller, more manageable pieces. A 20-problem math assignment, for instance http://www.cheapnfljerseysseahawks.com/eddie-lacy/ , can be broken into four chunks of five problems each, with a small break given between chunks. - RewardsConsequences: The ADHD child needs all the rewards they can get, along with firm and consistent consequences. Modest rewards like a treat, special priveledge, earning Gameboy play time or the right to choose a favorite dinner can motivate the child to work toward the goal of completing his homework. Remember to offer intangible rewards like smiles and praise when your child puts the effort into completing his homework. A "way to go" goes a long way in positive reinforcement for Attention Deficit Disorder children. Effective consequences for not completing homework are losing phone http://www.cheapnfljerseysseahawks.com/luke-joeckel/ , computer, stereo and television privileges for the evening. - Remain Calm: Once you start yelling, the child has won the homeowrk power struggle. Remain calm and firm yet consistent with consequences. It may take a couple "consequence" days before the child to realize completing homework is better than not doing homework.- Focus on Effort Instead of Grades

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