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Different dog breeds have different reputations. For instance Authentic Jordan Hicks Jersey , spaniels and golden retrievers will play fetch all day every day if given half a chance while German shepherds are intelligent and make loyal watchdogs. One breed that has an undeserved reputation is the Pitbull, often thought of as aggressive and unpredictable. If you wonder why are Pitbulls so dangerous, the answer is actually really simple.

A Pitbull isnít a specific dog breed. The word refers to a group of breeds with similar characteristics. The American Pitbull terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier are two breeds that can definitely be classified as Pitbulls but the group may also include the bull terrier and the Staffordshire bull terrier as well as the American bulldog.

A dog that qualifies as a Pitbull typically has a wide skull and jaws that are powerful. It can weigh only 25 pounds or it can weigh 80 pounds, because the dogs vary in size. Some are are very stocky while others are leaner but the animals are usually very muscular.

The animals tend to be strong and tough and can stand their ground in any fight. This is because they were popular for use in the blood sports of baiting and dog fighting that kept immigrants to the new country of the United States entertained. A strong dog that would go all out during a fight obviously stood a bigger chance of winning, so breeders looked for these characteristics in bloodlines.

The Pitbullís athleticism and energy means that the animal can get frustrated and aggressive if it doesnít get enough exercise. Youíll also need to give it plenty of bones and chew toys or it will exercise its jaws on your shoes or furniture. Just like with any other dog breed Authentic Mack Hollins Jersey , good training and careful socialization will teach it how to act towards other dogs, cats and people.

In some places there are strict laws regulating Pitbull ownership. Some places have even placed an outright ban on anybody owning one of these dogs. This is because Pitbulls have been involved in some serious attacks and some people think that theyíre inherently dangerous.

The real problem isnít the breed, however. A dog is only as good as its owner and because Pitbulls tend to look fierce and intimidating, theyíre often the breed of choice for people who want to appear macho. These owners donít train their animals well and may even encourage them to fight. Taunting any breed of dog is asking for trouble and it becomes even more risky when that dog is frustrated because its needs arenít being met.

Early Pitbull breeders saw a tendency to attack people as an undesirable trait and tried to breed dogs that are friendly to humans. A well-trained Pitbull with responsible owners is actually a great asset to the family and is very good with children. If you treat your dog well, it will treat you well too and be a loyal companion. The answer to the question of why are Pitbulls so dangerous is therefore simply that they arenít. If a dog is vicious Authentic Donnel Pumphrey Jersey , you simply need to look at its owner to find the reason for its behavior.

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SHANGHAI, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Chinese enterprises have positive expectations on investment in BRICS countries.

"The investment in Brazil will reach 70 percent of our company's overall overseas investment, after the completion of the acquisition," Ge Junjie, chairman of Hunan Dakang Pasture Farming Authentic Rasul Douglas Jersey , said in Shanghai Saturday at a seminar on overseas investment.

Ge, whose company is based in central China's Hunan Province, said that this June the company's strategic investor, Shanghai Pengxin Group, and its wholly owned subsidiary abroad DKBA Authentic Sidney Jones Jersey , had acquired a 53.99 percent stake in Belagricola, a company specializing in agricultural equipment sales in Brazil.

In 2016, the group bought a 57 percent stake in Fiagril, a Brazilian trading company.

More Chinese companies are seeking investment opportunities in BRICS countries.

Huang Qingfeng, president of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Authentic Derek Barnett Jersey , said that the company started investment in Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa in 1996, 2005 Corey Clement Jersey , 2006 and 2008 respectively, seeking cooperation partners. The company is now negotiating a fully automated wharf project with Indian customers.

Earlier this year, Beijing Gas Group bought a 20 percent stake in a Rosneft subsidiary.

Chinese companies are now investing in more countries and diversified industries, according to Cline Zhang, branch manager of Citibank (China) Shanghai Branch.

Zhang said that Chinese companies are behaving in more robust fashion Jaylen Watkins Jersey , focusing on sustainable development and risk aversion.

The potential that BRICS members will expand investment to each other is large. Overall foreign investment by BRICS has reached 200 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 12 percent of total global investment, yet bilateral and mutual investment among BRICS accounted for only 6 percent of their overall investment.

According to Huang Qingfeng, a stable domestic economic policy is a major prerequisite to attract overseas investment. Meanwhile, BRICS countries can improve their standard of service and guarantee for overseas investors.

"Using the renminbi as a settlement currency Jalen Mills Jersey , as well as providing more convenient tax and visa facilities, can prompt more Chinese companies to invest in BRICS," Huang said. "More financial and consulting services are needed to help lower risks."

China Economic Information Service and PricewaterhouseCoopers China published a BRICS Investment Environment Report on Saturday, which provides information on macro-economics, the investment environment and the latest investment policies.

In the future Ronald Darby Jersey , the upgrading of domestic demand and the industrial complementarit.

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